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Let’s Talk Feet!

Let’s Talk Feet!   Did you know that your foot (yes just one of them) contains 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments? That may seem like a lot in a relatively small package, but then again, your feet have the very important task of supporting the entire body.  Considering the average adult takes approximately…

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Pamper your Feet with Proper Footwear

Pamper Your Feet with Proper Footwear   Qualities a Shoe should have for a Pronator? Ideally, for a person who over-pronates (arch falls inward) choose a shoe that has: Laces Closed backs A strong support around the heel A dense mid-sole Less than 12 months of wear Can fit custom orthotics. Qualities a Shoe should…

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Flat Feet – When to see a Foot Specialist

Flat Feet - When to see a Foot Specialist By: Gavin Badyal Just because you have flat does not necessarily mean you need a medical intervention to correct them, sometimes a child or even an adult will have low arches and have no associated symptoms Usually flat feet are a common contributing factor to secondary…

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Shoe Pain Getting you Down?

Shoe Pain Getting you Down? By Gavin Badyal, Chiropodist  Do your feet hurt after you wear a particular pair of shoes? Shoes that do not provide adequate support and stability for the foot are classified as improper footwear.  The resulting pain and discomfort from improper footwear can lead to foot conditions that could otherwise be…

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