Flat Feet – When to see a Foot Specialist

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Flat Feet – When to see a Foot Specialist

By: Gavin Badyal

Just because you have flat does not necessarily mean you need a medical intervention to correct them, sometimes a child or even an adult will have low arches and have no associated symptoms

Usually flat feet are a common contributing factor to secondary problems, especially leg (knee) or foot pain thereby treatment may be necessary. Flat feet can sometimes cause difficulty walking or running and interfere with athletic activities. A visit to our office will involve an evaluation of foot structure and function. Besides a foot exam, a visit may include foot X-rays and an analysis of your feet while walking.

After doing the proper assessment, we may prescribe arch supports or orthotics to control the over pronation which results in lowering of the arches . While orthotics /arch supports don’t permanently correct the shape of the arch, they do help control excess pronation that may be causing wear-and-tear on your muscles and joints. Sneakers with a design called motion control are also helpful for over-pronators (when your foot falls inward upon stepping). This style of sneaker has a design that creates more stability by limiting movement in the heel and arch area of the shoe. Additionally, physical therapy and stretching exercises may be in order, especially if tendonitis (tendon inflammation) is present.


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