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Movement and Alignment for Health

Movement and Alignment for Health

 I had the pleasure of presenting at Mystic Pointe Yoga after their Community Yoga Class.  Here are the highlights of that presentation.  If you’re looking for a great studio in the neighbourhood you should definitely check them out at

Now back to the highlights:

Your body is amazing…  Almost too amazing

  • It is highly adaptable
  • Incredibly efficient
  • Capable of more than you demand from it

 Our greatest strength can be our greatest flaw if we don’t pay attention

 What is Movement?

  • Incorporates full body
  • Allows freedom to explore
  • Opportunity to break out of daily static habitual patterns
  • Needs to be daily AND frequent
  • It’s not the same as exercise… it’s good it’s just not enough

What is Alignment?

  • How your body stacks to maximize health and efficiency
  • It’s a challenge as you are working against our environmental influences
  • Takes work and awareness
  • Not the same as posture

Food for thought

  • How do you sit?
  • How do you stand?
  • How long do you sit?
  • Where do your feet point?
  • Are you symmetrical or are there differences side to side?

Where do you begin?

  • Change the way you move, break habitual patterns
  • Walk vs taking elevator, taking car when not necessary, parking close
  • Watch your pelvis… are you tucked under?

 Shayne Henderson, R.Kin, RMT, is focused on women’s health and correcting postural alignment and movement patterns to promote optimal health.

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