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Another Snow Day!

It seems as if this winter will never stop. We have had record low temperatures and February is supposed to bring more snow than we’ve experienced so far this season.

As the snow is falling at record speed today, it’s a good time to remind everyone how to shovel properly and avoid injuries.

1. Shovel Often. While this may not seem convenient, it will actually save you physically as you will have less weight to move the more often you clear the snow.

2. Use the Right Equipment. Make sure you have a shovel that works for you. One that is light weight and doesn’t allow for the snow to stick is usually good for everyone.

3. Push The Snow. Today’s snow is very light, so pushing it along the path is easy. This allows you to get your weight behind the shovel, and avoid any twisting or bending which often leads to injuries.

4. Bend Your Knees. If you must lift the snow, as you come to one of the many snow banks that have been building, remember to bend your knees. We often bend and twist from the back, which is asking for trouble. When you get to a place where you need to lift the snow, break the pile into several smaller batches and then bend at the knees to lift it off the path.

Additionally you should try and make sure you are warmed up. Shovelling is incredibly physical, so make sure you do some light movement, such as cleaning the car off first, to get your heart and muscles ready for the work to come.

If you find yourself with some aches and pains following your shovelling, don’t let it go to long before coming in for a check-up or treatment. Little problems can lead to bigger issues if they are not treated in the early stages… especially with more snow predicted for next week!

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